Who We Are

DauHerkert's origins are embedded in Baden-Württemberg. We’re deeply connected to the community and business landscape of Stuttgart, surrounded by a broad regional customer base that keeps us firmly connected to our roots. Yet, as digital pioneers, we've expanded beyond regional borders to serve an international audience and operate entirely remotely.

DauHerkert and You
Success is a Team Effort!
Your location, be it Stuttgart, Hamburg, Madrid, or Bogotá, is of little importance to us. What truly matters is personality and a collaborative spirit. At our company, you'll discover a professional and forward-thinking workplace brimming with opportunities for creativity—perfect for creatives, strategists, digital architects, designers, leaders, and the managers of tomorrow.

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Finished Your Application? Here's What's Next!

How We Recruit

Would you like to become part of our team? Here, you can find out in advance how our recruiting process works and what you can expect from us. 

1. Review

You send us your CV, work samples, and references; we check your documents and get back to you.

2. Interview

If your profile matches a vacant position in the team, we will arrange an appointment to get to know each other.

3. Task

If necessary, we will give you a small practical task after getting to know each other.

4. Analyse

You will complete a short test on intrinsic motivation, which will help us better understand your needs in the team.

5. Founder 1:1

You get to know one of our founders and managing directors.

6. Offer

If you were able to convince us you’re a good fit for our team during the process, we will make you an offer. If we were able to convince you, we look forward to your acceptance.

Voices From The Team

Teamwork also works wonderfully digitally, multiculturally and across several time zones! The main priority is that we can rely on each other, with interdisciplinary expertise and fun.🤩


Project Manager

Working at DauHerkert is a bit like getting on a train. But it doesn't stop. Sounds wild, but it's really fun. ✌️


Creative Director

DauHerkert is a fantastic employer! Loved the collaborative spirit, learning across teams, and strong Visual Creation team. A+ work environment (best ever!) 🎉


Team Lead Visual Creation

During my time as a trainee, I gained a lot of practical experience in a guided working environment. All my co-workers were always very helpful and eager to share their knowledge. 🤝



I have been working at DauHerkert in the Colombian time zone since 2021, and I particularly appreciate the digital team spirit, the variety of projects, and the diverse development opportunities. 📈


Online Marketing Consultant